Rossi Still Troubled ECU Problems | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting
[ 06-05-2018 ]

Rossi Still Troubled ECU Problems | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

TA888 - One of the Movistar Yamaha sport betting riders, Valentino Rossi is currently facing a pretty serious problem related to electronic devices (ECU) on the bike. This was conveyed by his team's Data Technician, Matteo Flamigni. ECU became a problem faced Movistar Yamaha from last sport betting season. It also makes Valentino Rossidan Maverick Vinales thrown from the competition world title. Rear tire wear Yamaha M1 claimed to occur because Movistar Yamaha was unable to find a way to outsmart the magneti Marelli ECU production. Rossi himself has admitted that Yamaha is left behind from Honda and Ducati concerning sport betting electronics issues.

He also urged Yamaha to bring in engineers who have experience with ECU production Magneti Marelli. However it was not granted by Yamaha, who prefers to believe in engineers at Iwata's internal manufacturers. In response, Matteo Flagmini said that his team has tried a new way. However, they have yet to get the expected results. "At electronics, the competition is ahead of us, we are experimenting with new ways but not always bringing the desired results. We must go back and continue with the things we already know," said Matteo Flagmini. Although not yet successful to solve the problem of electronics, Valentino Rossi's confidence has not given up.

"We have to fix it, the competition on the track has different behavior from our motorcycle. We know where to intervene We need to understand how online sport betting," said Flagmini. So far Valentino Rossi has not been able to show consistent performance of the three racing series that have been held in 2018 MotoGP. After being able to reach the third position podium in the inaugural race online sport betting Grand Prix GP race, nine times world champion and then failed to climb the podium in the last two series. Valentino Rossi is even called changing his style of racing this season in order to extend the life of the rear tires during the online sport betting race.

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